Available in 70, 90, 110 and 130kW models Installation options allowing 7 – 780kW

10 > 1 burner modulation Seasonal efficiency in excess of 96%

Stainless steel heat exchanger 5 year heat exchanger warranty

Integral boiler shunt pump Can operate upto a ∆t of 35⁰C

Onboard boiler cascade control Boiler load evenly matched

Sealed combustion air system < 48 dba



"Unsurpassed premix burner modulation of 10 : 1"

Ethos 70-130KW wall mounted boiler


Designed and manufactured in the UK the Ethos stainless steel wall mounted boiler range has been developed to meet the requirements of today’s commercial buildings. The unsurpassed premix burner modulation of 10 > 1, integral shunt pump and ease of installation ensures the Ethos range is the first of its kind to exceed industry expectations.


The Ethos wall mounted boiler range offers individual outputs from 70-130kW and multiple outputs to 780kW all with onboard boiler cascade control.

Ethos 350-550KW floor standing boiler


Designed and manufactured in the UK the Ethos stainless steel “twin burner” boilers have been developed to meet the requirements of today’s commercial buildings. With an unsurpassed premix burner modulation of 20 > 1 and output capability from 17.5kW > 3.3mW, the Ethos FS range ensures your building load is accurately matched whatever the season. As with the wall mounted boilers the FS range also have onboard boiler cascade control.





Available in 350 and 550kW models Installation options allowing 17.5kW > 3.3mW

2 premix burners per boiler Nox levels of 31mg/kw

Stainless steel heat exchanger 5 year heat exchanger warranty

20 > 1 burner modulation Seasonal efficiency in excess of 95%

Onboard boiler cascade control < 75 dba



"Unsurpassed modulation of 20 > 1"

Maxi & Maxi plus


The MAXI range of microprocessor controlled pressurisation units are purpose designed with both the specifier and installer in mind. They feature the latest in microprocessor technology together with the tried and tested components featured in the original MAXI range.




Maxi single pump


Maxi twin pump


Maxi single pump HP


Maxi twin pump HP


2 year parts & labour guarantee

Precise pressure control

Unique "Pressure LogicTM" microprocessor, developed by Mikrofill systems Ltd

Unique flood protection. The Maxi units will not "feed" a major leak.

Compact design

Full status indication

Sturdy powder coated steel casing

High quality bronze peripheral pump(s)

Standard pressure units up to 2.7bar coldfill

High pressure units up to 5.5 bar coldfill

Self diagnostic electronics

Suitable for wall or floor mounting






Unlike “pump type” pressurisation units the Mikrofill 3 is designed to be connected directly to a buildings incoming mains/boosted water supply and fill a heating or chilled water system without the use of a pump.


The Mikrofill 3 utilises the energy already generated by the mains water or boosted water supply and does not contain an RPZ valve.


Pre – commissioned packages are available which include the Mikrofill 3 unit with appropriately sized vessel/s and service drain valves.


Integral fluid risk category 4 backflow prevention

Fills any LPHW/CHW system from empty

Comprehensive electronic pressurisation manager

Consumes 10 watts on standby and 30 watts fully operational per hour

Wall mounted unit

Fill volume indicator

Pre – commissioned packages available

Large LED screen display


No RPZ valve required

Connects directly to the mains/boosted water supply

2 methods of flood protection

97% more energy efficient than some pump type units

Compact enough to fit in the smallest of plantrooms

Aids water treatment calculation

No onsite commissioning required (when sold as a package)

Designed with maintenance in mind



The Extreme principle addresses and overcomes all of the disadvantages of the traditional coil type cylinder, whilst remaining simple and straight forward to install. In addition the operating principle ensures the efficiency of a condensing boiler is optimised during the production of domestic hot water.


The Extreme produces exceptional flow rates in excess of 2500 litres per hour at 60⁰C.


Mikrofill’s uncompromising approach to quality materials, design flexibility and engineering excellence has resulted in the Extreme, the new standard in hot water generation.




Introducing ‘INJECTION DYNAMICS’, a breakthrough in domestic hot water technology. By utilising this revolutionary method of heating, the Extreme generates hot water faster, cleaner and more efficiently than ever before.


Stainless steel construction

Fully insulated, in excess of all current standards

Suitable for unvented and open vented systems

Pre-wired controls for ease of installation

Available in 200, 300 and 500 litre versions


Exceptional flow rates - up to 2570 litres an hour at 60 °C

Injection dynamics - allowing hot water draw off in minutes

Optimises boiler cylinder efficiency - up to 94% with a condensing boiler

Positive stratification - greatly reduces the risk of Legionella proliferation

Stainless steel cylinder with a 30 year guarantee

Suitable for both new build and retrofit installations

Design principle achieves 100% of load at 60 °C, enabling reduced storage requirement